About Auction

About Auction

Russian platform is specially designed to
hold public auctions of intellectual property.

Uniqueness of our professionals and experts is gained from many years of extensive experience in patents and copyright,
intellectual property valuation and technology transfer not only throughout Russia, but also abroad.

Strategies of intellectual property rights commercialization offered to our clients include not only marketing and promotion,
but also substantial due diligence, analysis and design of documentation on transferring intellectual property rights.

I ntellectual property constitutes not only the costs for invention development,
but also the most valuable asset and a long-term investment in the future of your company.

New commercialization tools offered to our clients are successfully used abroad
and enhance the creation of the transparent intellectual property market.

Putting the intellectual property up for Auction substantially enhances the competitiveness
of your patent portfolio and allows you to carry out a transaction with the most profitable terms.

Real intellectual property market is highly volatile; therefore our experts have a deep understanding
of industry makeup, technology trends and the needs of the real economy sector.

Our clients are at the heart of our business.