The intellectual property auction provides great opportunities for establishing personal contact with business angels, investors of innovative companies, representatives of authorities and obtaining maximum income when selling the lot.

  • Daria Yosef

    CEO, Auction house of intellectual property «RUSINPRO», LLC

    «Patent auctions are internationally recognized and successful form of transactions with significant benefits for all parties. They create new challenges and new opportunities for companies that understand the importance of intellectual property».

  • Sergey Katirin

    The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

    «The experience has shown that organization of the Auction of intellectual property is timely and necessary, it promotes market transparency and efficiency of the use of intellectual property».

  • Sergei Lebedev

    The Executive Secretary of the Commonwealth of Independent States

    «Formation of a civilized market of intellectual property is one of the key conditions for the development of innovative and comprehensive modernization of the economies of the CIS countries».

  • Anatoly Aleksandrov

    The Rector of Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman, the President of the Technological universities Association.

    «In the near future the welfare of the country will depend on progress in the development of the market of ideas, inventions, discoveries, and on the ability to find and keep talented people, young scientists and specialists, armed with modern knowledge and skills».

  • Florent Godin

    The President of «Brussels Innova», the International Exhibition of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and New Technologies

    «Rational use of intellectual potential, increase of competitiveness of goods on the basis of advanced technologies, transformation of scientific potential into real innovation processes - this is the most important problem that leads to the progress and prosperity of each country».

  • Natalya Karpova

    The Head of RUSINPRO Auction Committee, Vice-president of the Russian branch of the LES International Licensing Society, Professor of RANEPA

    «The existence of such a civilized tool like an Auction would objectively help to develop the licensed trade of intellectual property, would help to solve the global problem of a decent integration of Russia into the global post-industrial economy».

  • James E. Malackowski

    Chairman CEO, Ocean Tomo, LLC

    «Over the past decade, Russia has emerged as a powerful example of rapid economic growth and technological advancement. Intellectual property, including patents, is playing a significant role in this progress».