Emcee of the Auction

Emcee of the Auction

Mr Andrew HaaseMr. Andrew Haase

Mr. Haase is the sole practicing auctioneer in Russia since 1990.

His consummate professionalism is recognized by European and Russian antiques community.

He has the experience of auctions for more than 20 years - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Germany.

Mr. Andrew Haaseis the leading auctioneer of such well-known Auction Houses:
  • Auction house "Alexander"
  • Antique-auction house "Gelos"
  • Auction House "Znak"
  • Auction House "Empire"
  • Auction House "Kabinet"
  • Auction House "Russian Seasons"
  • The firm "Coins and Medals"
  • International Art Gallery "Heritage"
  • Auction House of Intellectual Property "RUSINPRO"